Cornered (2012)


~ a set of intermedia performance environments for dance and computer music

Choreographer: Ilana Morgan

Dancers: Ilana Morgan, Lily Sloan, Cassie Summers, and Whitney Boomer

Music: Jason Fick

Performance History:
Premiered at UNT on the Square, Denton, Texas, 3/29/12 (40-min gallery installation)
Spectrum- MEIT, The University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, 4/2/12 (25-min concert version)

Soundcrawl, Nashville, Tennessee, 10/7/12 (12-minute version)

Documentation from the 12-min performance version for solo dance and computer music

Documentation from gallery performance for four dancers and computer music on March 29th in Denton, TX

Recorded at the Brick Factory in Nashville, Tennessee